Welcome to Modaberan Amin

Capital Development and International Commerce Company


Modaberan Amin is a private firm registered under the legislation low of Islamic Republic of Iran. We serve our clients, relying on our technical know-how, financial expertise and our financial experts. The company is one of the leading knowledge-based companies of Iran in the field of investment consulting, financial management, credit evaluation and services, project and trade financing and risk management services. We work with top executives to help them make better decisions, convert those decisions to actions and deliver the sustainable success they desire.

icon Vision

To become world's leading provider of financial advisory, risk management and investment consultant services with participation of domestic and international partners with international standards.

icon Mission

• Providing high levels of deep expertize financial, investment and risk management consultant services with international standards and maximizing value for investors, clients, partners and other stakeholders.

• Consolidating company's position as a trusted partner and advisor and approaching domestic and international financial instruments to assist clients achieving their business goals.

• Providing total solution for financial services and Continuous support of clients throughout an engagement — from initial due diligence and valuation to post-integration alignment and on-going services

icon Goals

• Maximum absorption of clear domestic and international funds as credit lines and direct investment in order to meet the financial needs of clients in accordance to the upstream laws.

• Maximum credit coverage for clients to facilitate and support customer's transactions and projects.

• Maximum coverage of business risks associated with customers relying on domestic and international insurance services

• Attract and recruit qualified manpower to provide standard and deep expertize financial consulting services


Financial Consulting
  • Finance consulting Services

    Finance Consulting Services

    • Trade Finance

    • Project Finance

    • Soft Loans

    • Bonds

    • Debt securities

  • Valuation

    Audit and tax consulting Services

    • Due diligence and valuation consulting services

    • Audit and reporting consulting services

    • Accounting consulting services

    • Tax consulting services

  • Wealth Management Consulting Services

    Wealth Management Consulting Services

    • Business plan and feasibility study services

    • Investment consulting services

    • Advanced planning services

    • Asset management services

  • Advanced Startup Accelerating Services

    Advanced Startup Accelerating Services

    • Business strategy consulting

    • Small business finance consulting

    • Crowd Funding consulting for small business

Credit Services

Risk Management

  • Fincancial consulting and Risk management
  • Risk analysis consulting

    Identifying and quantifying uncertainties, estimating their impact on outcomes, building a risk analysis model, exploring the model through simulation and sensitivity analysis, and making risk management decisions that can help to avoid, mitigate, or otherwise deal with risk.

  • Fincancial consulting and Life Insurance
  • Personal Insurance

    • Life insurance

    • Accident insurance

    • health insurance

  • Fincancial consulting and Property Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • • Car insurance (third-party, body)

    • Fire insurance

    • Engineering Insurance

    • Transport insurance (export, import, transit, domestic)

  • Fincancial consulting and Liability Insurance
  • Liability Insurance

    • Employer's liability towards employees)

    • Professional responsibility of doctors and paramedics

    • Civil liability of managers of hospitals – clinics

    • Responsible for the adjacent neighborhoods spread of fire and explosion)

You can find us on 59 west Brazil Street, Sheykh Bahayi Street


icon 1 Modaberan Amin,7, No. 59, west Brazil st., Sheykh Bahayi St., Tehran, Iran

icon 2 (98)-21-88615480,88615481